The commission studying marijuana legalization in New Hampshire has until November 1st to turn in a report where it will be making up to 50 recommendations.

According to State Representative Patrick Abrami, chairman of the commission, the report will outline the the potential cons of marijuana and how legislators can handle them should the state legalize marijuana for adult use.

It has been almost a year of studying the drug and Abrami says his views have somewhat progressed. The chairman had voted against marijuana before. He remarked this week, “I could see some of the benefits of legalization now, whether or not I would vote on the floor for it is another discussion.”

Abrami believes today’s marijuana is more potent and has said: “This is not your grandfather’s marijuana.”

The commission has also discussed recommending a Cannabis Commission to regulate if the state moves forward with legislation.

The state’s Governor Chris Sununu has opposed marijuana legalization.

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