The Virginia Board of Pharmacy announced this week its first five choices for the companies that will allowed to dispense medical marijuana in the commonwealth.

Virginia is divided up into five “Health Service Areas” for these companies with PharmaCann Virginia servicing area 1. Area 1 includes Harrisonburg and Charlottesville.

PharmaCann Virginia, according to marijuana advocate group NORML, currently operates in Illinois and New York.

For service area 2, Dalitso, a Virginia based company, was chosen. This area includes most of Northern Virginia.

Dharma Pharmaceuticals, which is also based in Virginia, will service area 3, which goes from southwest Virginia to even Lynchburg.

Service area 4 will be serviced by Green Leaf Medical, another Virginia company. This includes the Richmond area and surrounding counties.

Columbia Care will service area 5, which operates dispensaries in nine states plus D.C. and Puerto Rice. Service area 5 includes much of Eastern Virginia and the Virginia Beach area.

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