Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF): Canada’s Most Undervalued Licensed Producer

The imminent legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada has touched off a “boom” among up-and-coming producers.

And it has triggered a high-upside opportunity for investors looking to profit from Canada’s coming legalization this October.

While a number of licensed producers are now racing to meet expected demand, one company – an undervalued licensed producer that has seen rapid growth – could offer investors the most attractive way to play this unprecedented legalization opportunity.

That company is Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) – a unique marijuana company that has seen rapid expansion and diversification…yet whose shares currently trade at a fraction of the valuations of other licensed producers in the space.

And with $180 million in capital raised to date – and over $34 million cash in the bank? after its recently completed financing of $37 million – the company is on sound financial footing and well-positioned for rapid growth.

The Rapid Rise of a $22.6 Billion Canadian Industry

According to industry expert Deloitte, the Canadian marijuana industry could rapidly grow in size to become a CAD $22.6 billion over the coming years.

This “once-in-a-lifetime” legalization opportunity has sparked a wave of expansion plans among licensed producers.

For those investors looking to take advantage of the surge in value enjoyed by many Canadian marijuana companies, there have been some impressive returns, including…

  • Tilray, Inc. (TSE: TLRY) – up 202.94% over the past month and a half…
  • Canopy Growth Corp. (TSE: WEED) – up 406.9% over the past 12 months.
  • Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) – up 180.7% over the past 12 months…
  • The Hydrotherapy Corp. (TSE: HEXO) – up 210.1% over the past 12 months…

Those companies have seen large spikes in share price due in large part to their anticipated production capacity.

But as the October 2018 legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada rapidly approaches, under-the-radar Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) remains undervalued by comparison…in spite of a number of distinct competitive advantages in both the medical and recreational sectors.

As legalization in Canada becomes a reality, production capacity and efficiency will become critical for licensed producers looking to thrive.

Maricann’s “Crown Jewel”:
A Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Facility

In the race to ramp up production for licensed producers, Maricann offers a critical “head start” of at least 3-4 years over other companies looking to enter the space, as licensing, planning and early construction have already been taken care of.

In Canada, Maricann’s (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) Langton facility is the company’s crown jewel – a state-of-the-art facility with 217,000 square feet of grow and production space with annual capacity to grow up to 36,000 kilograms…which is worth an estimated $130 million in revenue.

This low-cost, high-efficiency facility includes a natural gas well and cogeneration facility on site, helping greatly reduce electricity costs. In addition, all water at the facility is recycled through a state-of-the-art biofilter helping ensure efficiency.

To date, the company has spent close to $50 million on building this facility, and its Phase 2 expansion – which would see it add an additional 635,000 square feet of grow space and bring its annual capacity up to 95,000 kilograms – is projected to be completed in 2019. This could potentially raise the annual revenue close to the $350 million mark based on Maricann’s (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) current potential revenue of $180 million annually.

Automated Cultivation Facility Results in Greater Efficiency and Low-Cost Production

In addition, Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) is the first company – via a partnership with Rockwell Automation – to create the world’s first fully-automated cultivation facility, resulting in ultra-high quality product.

Maricann’s (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) state-of-the-art design has dramatically reduced labor requirements and improved ergonomics associated with traditional agricultural operations.

In fact, only 26 employees are needed on the cultivation side of the business – as opposed to the 200-300 employees it takes to run a conventional grow operation in a similar-sized facility.

This allows Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) to manage its production costs more effectively and with greater predictability, helping the company stake its claim as one of Canada’s lowest-cost, highest-quality producers.

Signed Distribution Agreements Are
Already in Place in Strategic Canadian Markets

Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) has signed distribution agreements in BC, Alberta and Manitoba already in place.

These agreements mean that the company has “locked in” revenue of $50 million – and counting – from these strategic markets beginning in Canada.

This gives the company a tremendously valuable “head-start” in what figures to be a chaotic first few months of recreational legalization in Canada, as companies scramble to make agreements and ramp up production.

Tale of the Tape: Why Maricann is Canada’s Most Undervalued Licensed Producer

As investors begin to see the realities of Maricann’s (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) production capacity – and its critical advantages over others in the industry – the company’s valuation could change in a meaningful way.

Take a look at this comparison chart showing the projected capacity of some of the industry’s more widely known producers for this fall and next summer…as well as the market cap for each of these companies.

Now take a look at the current market cap of Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) and you can see that despite having a projected production capacity very much in line with the others on this list…the company would appear to be significantly undervalued for now.

The Advantage of Global Diversification

While the company appears poised to take advantage of the coming marijuana “boom” in Canada…it has also taken significant steps to position itself as a global leader ahead of legalization in other parts of the world.

Just recently – on August 15, 2018 – Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) successfully exported its first shipment of dry cannabis flowers to Germany. The material – which was shipped from the Langton facility – met all specifications and requirements in Germany and the company will now move to export further product to the German medical marijuana market.

The German patient population is growing exponentially – up to over 16,000 patients from just 800 in 2016. Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) is one of five companies with EU-GMP certified facilities for cannabis production globally, helping perfectly position Maricann to capture market share in the European medical market.

In addition, Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) is working on a proposed 820,000 square-foot facility of cleanroom cultivation, processing and extraction on 164 hectares in Ebersbach, Germany, positioning itself to grow its European presence rapidly as cannabis legalization continues to sweep the European continent.

And in Switzerland, Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) is currently producing out of a 60,000 square foot facility just outside of Zurich. Plans call for an upgrade of this facility and an increase in production by a factor of 6 in the near future.

Maricann is Backed by Some of the
World’s Largest Financial Institutions

While the company appears poised to take advantage of the coming marijuana “boom” in has also taken significant steps to position itself as a global leader ahead of legalization in other parts of the world

Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) is an ultra-low-cost cannabis producer and a leader in energy-efficient growth operations that has demonstrated its value and potential to a number of critical partners, institutional investors and investment banks.

Some of the world’s largest financial institutions – including Canaccord and GMP Securities – represent Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF).

And a number of large institutional investors – such as NewGen Funds, Polar, Industrial Alliance and Connor, Clark & Lunn – each hold sizable stakes.

Marijuana Companies Quickly Becoming Acquisition Targets of Beverage Giants

One of the more eye-opening trends in recent months has been the entry into the marijuana business – via acquisition and investment – by major alcoholic beverage companies.

These cannabis stock buyouts can potentially spark quick profits for early investors, as was the case with a major acquisition by Constellation Brands.

In October 2017, Constellation Brands – producer of Corona, Modelo and Pacifico beers, Mondavi wine and others – acquired a 10% stake in Canopy Growth Corp., a Canadian seller of medicinal marijuana products.

Then in August 2018, Constellation invested an additional $4 billion in Canopy Growth – taking the largest-known deal in the marijuana industry even further.

But Constellation is not the only large beverage company to get in on the potential for marijuana-infused beverages.

Molson Coors Canada recently teamed up with Canadian cannabis producer, The Hydropothecary (HEXO), to create a joint partnership “to pursue opportunities to develop non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beverages for the Canadian market following legalization.”

“Canada is breaking new ground in the cannabis sector and, as one of the country’s leading beverage companies, Molson Coors Canada has a unique opportunity to participate in this exciting and rapidly expanding customer segment,” said Frederic Landtmeters, president and CEO of Molson Coors Canada.

And now the world’s fifth-largest alcoholic beverage company – U.K.-based Diageo – is reportedly interested in becoming the next large beverage firm to acquire a Canadian marijuana company.

Diageo is roughly twice the size of Constellation Brands with a market cap of $67.56 billion – and with annual sales of $12.1 billion – so its potential entry into the cannabis-infused beverage business would be another huge milestone for the rapidly-growing marijuana market.

A potential deal involving Diageo could be as large – if not larger – than Constellation Brands’ investment into the space, making it potentially the largest deal in the Cannabis Buyout Boom.

Outstanding Leadership:
Yet Another Huge Advantage for Maricann

In the early stages of Canada’s marijuana “boom” the importance of experienced, capable leadership will be critical.

To that end, Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) boasts a number of visionary leaders with a proven history of success, including…

Why Investors Should Consider Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) Today

The potential associated with Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) is clear: This is a licensed producer – with a global focused vision – well-positioned to take advantage of the coming “boom” in the Canadian cannabis market.

This is a licensed producer – with a global focused – well-positioned to take advantage of the coming “boom” in the Canadian cannabis market.

With a dynamic leadership team…critical partnerships all over the globe…significant technological advantages…and the backing of large institutional investors – there are a number of factors pointing in the favor of Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF).

But there is no greater consideration than the fact that – based on potential production capacity alone – Maricann appears to be significantly undervalued in comparison to its industry peers.

Those investors who are looking for the best way to take advantage of Canada’s coming cannabis growth should strongly consider the potential for Maricann (CSE: MARI); (OTC: MRRCF) to see a significant change in valuation in the months ahead.

ACB traded at $2.43 on 8/21/17 and at $6.82 on 8/20/18
HEXO traded at $1.49 on 9/11/17 and at $4.62 on 8/20/18
WEED traded at $8.84 on 8/21/17 and at $44.81 on 8/20/18

Medical Cannabis Community Growing Rapidly in Germany

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