Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Jenny Wilson are up against one another in Utah’s U.S. Senate race this November and it looks like the candidates have something in common.

Regardless of whether Romney or Wilson win, there will be an advocate in Washington, D.C. in support of moving marijuana off the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances.

“Let’s take this off the category one designation and let it be evaluated through a normal FDA-type process,” Romney said in reference to the FDA.

According to Wilson, it is “ridiculous” that cannabis remains on the Schedule 1 list. She remarked, “I’ll get it done. It’s another example of six Republicans in our [federal] delegation who are, frankly, out of touch.”

Where the two candidates split roads is on how Utah residents will have access to marijuana.

Wilson supports Proposition 2, an initiative that is on Utah’s November ballot and would let qualifying patients with a doctor’s recommendation to obtain a medical marijuana card and purchase cannabis from private dispensaries.

Romney is against the proposition and supports a legislative solution to Proposition 2.

“The ballot initiative tends to concentrate the thinking of legislators,” Romney said. “Let’s move while people are talking about this.”

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